Transitioning Home


Upcoming discharge from hospital or rehab center

This is where our passion lives!

I love helping people get back home after an illness or traumatic event!

If you or a loved one is getting ready to discharge home and your house is not ready, what should be a joyous occasion can be stressful and scary.

Step One: Visit and meet you where ever you are

     We can visit and meet with you and your loved ones at the hospital, skilled nursing facility, or where ever you are. 

With your permission, of course, we will contact your healthcare team, learn about your medical and functional status, what equipment is coming home with you, and what your caregivers will need when you discharge home.

Step Two: Home Assessment

     We will then go out to your home, meet with your family, friends or caregivers and complete a home assessment before you even discharge home from the facility.

Based on what we learn from your healthcare team and what we see at the house we can make recommendations on what it will take to get you home safely.

Because time is usually in short supply, we will get your approval on the plans and get to work immediately.

     No waiting 6 weeks for a regular contractor to get there, we will get it done as soon as possible.

Step Three: Follow Up Visit

     When you get home, we will visit again and make sure that you and your caregivers are aware of the changes made, how to use any new equipment, and assess your function in the home now that you are back.

     We will also check back in with you after you have "settled in" to make sure things are working out.

     In this situation, we all do the best we can to get you home and have your basic needs covered.  You often discover more modifications that need to happen as you live in the home again and discover other problem areas that need to be fixed.  If that is the case, All Access Home Design will be there to work with you and everyone else involved to make sure you get a home that fits you!

We happily work with your team

     We work closely with Social Workers, Case Managers, Discharge Planners and Insurance companies to make your discharge home as smooth and easy as possible.

     We will gladly meet you at the house for a home eval with your therapists, work with your home health team once you are home, and coordinate with your equipment vendor if there are wheelchairs, hospital beds etc. in the home.

We want you to Get home and Stay home!

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