Our Process


It starts with a Phone call

     We start with a complimentary home visit or phone screening with you and your family or caregivers.  We will discuss you and your current struggles, your goals, and get a sense of what in your home is preventing you from reaching your goals.  This is when we get to know each other, the "big picture" and if we will be able to meet your needs.

In-home assessment

     This is when we complete a comprehensive client and home evaluation.  We will learn about all your medical, physical, and sensory needs and the impact these have on your ability to function in your home.  We will observe your struggles with various daily routines.

     We will work with any family or caregivers as well, to make sure their work is as easy and safe as possible.

     Then we will assess and measure your home, identifying all the barriers and danger areas that are keeping you from being safe and as independent as possible.

     Only then do we make recommendations about what equipment and changes may be needed to maximize your functional abilities, safety, and access to your home.

Now the fun part!

Planning and design!

     Depending on what your needs and priorities are, we start planning out what the next steps will be.  This could be as simple as deciding what the best placement is for a couple grab bars in the bathroom.  It could involve moving or widening a doorway, installing a wheelchair ramp, remodeling your bathroom and bedroom, building a new addition, or a new custom home.  

     Projects can be big or small, done all at once or spread out in phases depending on your needs.

     It could also be coaching on fall prevention and home safety strategies, and help getting referrals to other therapies to improve your physical condition and function.

Draft and Concept plans

     Depending on the complexity of the work to be done, we will develop a couple different plans, work with you and your family/caregivers to adjust and change the plans to suit your needs, and give you a chance to approve all modifications.  Once we agree on a good plan, we will draft a final set of remodeling plans that are "build ready" and ready for permits and bids from general contractors.

Let's get started!

     As a licensed and bonded residential general contractor, All Access Home Design, LLC we are fully qualified and happy to get started on your home modifications and remodeling as soon as possible.  We are experts at this work and understand all the nuances of you and your home!

     If you choose another contractor, we can serve as your advocate and guide through the process.  We will meet with the contractor of your choice, discuss the plans and your needs, and we will oversee the construction, making site visits to make sure your personalized plan is being followed.

     Builders know how to build, but may not have the background or knowledge to keep you and your caregivers specific medical needs in mind during construction.

We are not quite done...

Education and Final Review:

     Once the remodeling is complete and equipment is installed, we will follow up with you and your caregiver team, including paid caregivers and home health staff, to make sure you all know how to use any new medical or mobility equipment.

     We will will ensure that all the modifications are completed correctly, functioning as planned, and are helping you achieve your goals!